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Wild rabbit by ownedsince82 Wild rabbit :iconownedsince82:ownedsince82 1 0 thistle and ladybird by ownedsince82 thistle and ladybird :iconownedsince82:ownedsince82 0 0 lady bird on a thistle by ownedsince82 lady bird on a thistle :iconownedsince82:ownedsince82 0 0 Feather by ownedsince82 Feather :iconownedsince82:ownedsince82 0 0 fruits of the forest by ownedsince82 fruits of the forest :iconownedsince82:ownedsince82 0 0 Berries by ownedsince82 Berries :iconownedsince82:ownedsince82 2 0 Horse by ownedsince82 Horse :iconownedsince82:ownedsince82 1 0 Bridge by ownedsince82 Bridge :iconownedsince82:ownedsince82 1 2 Sculpture in the woods by ownedsince82 Sculpture in the woods :iconownedsince82:ownedsince82 0 0 Canal boats by ownedsince82 Canal boats :iconownedsince82:ownedsince82 1 0
Visiting time
The ward was noisy, voices chattered away some hushed, some not so. The air smelt of disinfectant just like any hospital, but Sparrow ward had the added aroma of sweaty, unwashed people and a faint hint of cigarette smoke. The high backed chairs with their green P.V.C coated cushions lined the walls of the lounge, the television in the background playing to a disinterested audience. The ward was stuffy and warm as usual, even at the height of summer, the large windows firmly locked to prevent any 'jumpers'.
A heavily medicated man in dirty grey jogging pants and an oversized cardigan shuffled into the lounge to get his cigarette lit eyes vacant, no emotion visible at all. A game of pool continued round the pool table, the centre piece of the room. A young woman with angry scars decorating her arms sunk the black, not a hint of joy in her eyes.
Strategically placed staff supervised the comings and goings. The eyes; one stood by the door; the welcoming party, one hovered by the kitchen h
:iconownedsince82:ownedsince82 0 0
Urban hero
The heroes memorial stands tall, bold and proud,
Deserving it's view of lush trees and high cloud.
Glorious moorland lines the distance,
A vital reminder of urban resistance.
At the lone soldier's feet reality sinks in,
A tribute to the fallen now steeped in ruin.
Littered with graffiti "Ellie woz 'ere",
Used contraception, an old can of beer.
The brave heroes memorial still towers above,
In need of protection and a touch of love.
The silent soldier awaits the children of crime,
Dying alone; swamped in urban grime.
:iconownedsince82:ownedsince82 0 0
Rainbow beach by ownedsince82 Rainbow beach :iconownedsince82:ownedsince82 0 0 Blue flowers by ownedsince82 Blue flowers :iconownedsince82:ownedsince82 0 0 Double bridge by ownedsince82 Double bridge :iconownedsince82:ownedsince82 0 0 Spring flower by ownedsince82 Spring flower :iconownedsince82:ownedsince82 0 0


Self Harm
When you look into the mirror
See that person staring back
You know that it's not who you were
And slowly start to crack
That person has become you
You can feel it in your veins
The moment overtakes you
And to take away your pain...
You hate the person you've become
But there's nothing left to do
The nightmare's just beginning so
You have to see it through
The pain you're feeling has to end
Everyone around you lied
It consumes your very mortal soul
It burns you deep inside...
So reach for the vodka
Reach for the blade
Knock back yet another shot
Without the lemonade
Apply the pressure, break the skin
You're going round the bend
Feel the blood rush from within
This torture has to end...
You slowly crawl back to your bed
And cover up the stains
Noisy voices in your head
Distract you from the pain
You don't know what's worth living for
Or why you're still alive
You wish the pain would go away
You wish that you would die...
So reach for the vodka
Reach for the blade
Knock back yet another
:iconabsynthe-kisses:absynthe-kisses 559 249
squirrelly behavior by DesiaB squirrelly behavior :icondesiab:DesiaB 4 1
Perfect Girl
The broken pieces lie beside her
All of those people,
Every one of them denied her
Her right to be happy
Her right to be free
Tie her up, lock her up,
She cries out Why Me?
Her fears override her
In her tears she drowns
There's no happily ever after
Just breakdown after breakdown.
Her screamiing is deafening
But still no one listens.
Her smile used to shine,
Her eyes used to glisten.
Broken pieces across the floor,
Still no one sees her,
Demolished to the core.
Alone she stands
In a crowded room.
Silent destruction
Too damaged to function.
Help me she whispered,
Her words silent and soft
As finally she began to
Drift off to dreams
Dreams of love,
Dreams of joy,
Dreams of happiness;
Her perfect world.
Though she was far from a perfect girl.
:iconelizacarreo:ElizaCarreo 1 0
I could show you my face,
I could show you my eyes,
And still veil the sadness
And cover the lies.
My life hides a secret;
I can't let you in.
For I fear you may find
My lonely Within.
:iconelizabethjoy20:elizabethjoy20 2 0
Falling for Flowers
I sat amongst the hills lost in it all. The sun was shining bright although the hill's shadow loomed over me. It felt warm. I ran forward hoping to feel the wind through my hair, if there even was a wind. I tiptoed through the tulips as Grandma always told me to be careful not to step on them. A small path of dirt climbed through the hills, but the flowers had started to intrude on the path. Maybe they would be the weeds? Grandma told me not to touch them. She was one of the few people that had gloves for that, she had found them out in the gardens along time ago she said, when they weren't so hilly. I think it was because of the thorns that I couldn't touch them. They were sharp. I looked around. There must have been millions of different kinds of flowers, each with their own distinct scent or odor.  I was almost mid-way up the hill. The higher I got the more narrow the path became. The sun peaked over the edge of the mound, slowly revealing its hot rays onto my dark, tanned
:iconbsdancer31:bsdancer31 1 2
pecock by noshsh pecock :iconnoshsh:noshsh 2 0 look by noshsh look :iconnoshsh:noshsh 1 0
A Chicken named Jenny
There once was a chicken named Jenny, who wanted to learn how to fly.
Farmer Todd told her she couldn't, but he didn't tell her why.
She waddled to the edge of the farm, and searched for a bird named magpie.
The black bird paused, and thought for a second, staring up at the sky.
"I know a way!", he finally said, "to teach you how to fly".
"We'll go to the cliffs of peril", he said. "Take a deep breath and dive."
"But it might kill me!" she gasped, "it might not" he replied.
"fear of death will bring out your best, your courage will teach you on the fly
"Its the way my mother taught me,
"I jumped from the highest of trees,
"With a kick and a scratch, a beat and a flap, I landed safely on my feet."
so she followed him to the cliffs, where he told her to take the leap.
She jumped for dear life, and screamed in sheer fright, when she landed she hurt her knee.
Now Jenny waddles through the farm knowing she cannot fly.
But she grins from ear to ear all day, because at least she knows she tri
:iconryill:Ryill 2 1
My Razor
My Razor
My Release
Gliding along my skin
Crimson Beads flow
Drop by drop
Feel the pain fade away
Euphoria follows
Eyes light up
A Scarlet river
My pain drifts away
:iconchaoticbloodflow:ChaoticBloodflow 1 0
row of trees by JillValentineRES3 row of trees :iconjillvalentineres3:JillValentineRES3 1 0
she swallows sadness instead of calories
:iconhushed-lullabies:hushed-lullabies 79 40
It's the first time,
In a long time,
That I've been depressed.
No, wait.
That's not the word,
For this pain,
For this resentment.
My emotional play-by-play,
Goes a little more,
Like this:
My heart is ripping,
Tearing down the centre,
Falling through my chest,
Landing in the street.
My head is pounding,
It feels like an earthquake,
Everytime I move,
I can't stay up.
My throat is constricting,
The tears pouring down,
Causing those floods,
You heard about on the radio.
I can't take this,
I don't like this,
Can't life just be easy?
:icongem-bean:gem-bean 1 0
Do you ever feel like there is nothing inside of you?
Like your heart aches for some emotion, but nothing comes?
Do you ever feel alone?
Like you could be surrounded, but not even notice?
Do you ever just sit there and think?
Because your thoughts are the only things that are yours?
Do you ever just close your eyes and see nothing?
Because that's what you think of yourself?
Do you ever think there is something that you should feel?
Do you ever think that you are alone?
Do you ever want to just be alone?
Do you ever just see nothing?
That thing that you are feeling, but don't realize it,
is depression.
It makes you emotionless, empty inside, lonely, and it blurs your vision.
It is depression.
I got through it, and so can you.
:iconstormfan25:stormfan25 10 18
Painted soul by alebyron Painted soul :iconalebyron:alebyron 49 23
Just One Day...
Just One Day where everything was Perfect..
No Tears Flowed
No Hearts Broke
No Screams
No Fear
Just Peace...
Just One Day...
One Day where the world stopped...
You Opened Your Eyes
You Spoke Unbroken words
You Listened To Mine
You Put Your Heart Back Together
You Understood...
Just One Day..
Where I Didnt Stand Alone...
And Things Would Be Different..
But This Is Only A Wish...
:iconxx-vintage91-xx:xX-Vintage91-Xx 3 0
Squirrel by Sally-Rat Squirrel :iconsally-rat:Sally-Rat 4 1


then who can?


Control is the name of the game
United Kingdom
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